j2sbitch's Journal

22 February
Code Name:BAAL
SPN fan for going on 5 months now I think. Started watching the S1 dvd and repeats of S2 on CW around July or August.

Oh yah I get to re-do this stupid thing. lol ok, so any of you who had stumbled across me before I am now a resident of Kansas which is awesome. I work over at a Haunted Hotel which is very creepy. I started writing fanfic back in Maine during the winter season when everything was all isolated and beautiful and hardly anyone was ever around so it was quite the stephen king experience there and anyone who ever does read my stuff well I'm just not a very good writer. I'm not a writer at all actually but I like having the idea's for the stories and just wing it around a bit so I hope ya'll enjoy it for what it is and have alot of fun.

Oh and I steal cows in my down time. It's nothing personal but you know, as a friend of mine says, or quoted actually, "Milk a cow for all it's worth". If J2 were cows well they'd be getting milked quite often. OH OH and let's see I'm also a big QAF fan and um...yeah that's about it. I don't have anything else really. You want answers read my awful fanficion and ask me in the comments.