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Apr. 1st, 2011

"How long has he been doing that?" Sam asks.

"About an hour" Dean says with a smirk.

Cas is standing in the middle of the kitchen, trying to figure out how to open a jar of mustard with a can opener.


"What? You gotta admit sammy, it is pretty funny"

"And you're just going to leave him like that?"

Dean ponders it a second.


"Well I'm not"

Sam walks over to explain that you don't use a can opener to get a jar open. He then proceeds to teach him what he calls 'the proper twist' method, to which Dean rolls his eyes at.

"Why do you want to open this anyway?"

"To see if it brings out the sizzling flavor of skin"

Sam tries to respond but comes up blank. Then Cas vanishes. He turns over to Dean, trying to figure out what the heck Cas meant by that.


"Dude, I don't want to know"


The End


Summary: Kitten is fed up with evil justing. Now he gonna die!

IMA KILL YOU!  kitten types on the computer. She's just been bombarded by the evilness of justin and he goin DOWN!

Justin is quick to respond with an epic sex song which is meant to seduce kitten so she tells him to "FUCK OFF!" and then invites him to dinner.

When justin shows up in his underpants, thinking that he can torture kitten with his scary stalking words like the ones he sent to her online before he was banned, he notices that everything is....well, red. Like dead red. And over his head he can hear the musical sounds of 'Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead'.

"Um...yeah kitten what up?"

Kitten is wearing this like, weird sexy jumpsuit when she arrives to dinner from her magical time machine.

"Hey Justin. I know what you want. Well, I've been thinkin it over and I've decided, I'm gonna give you just what you deserve"

She whips out this really long knife with strawberries attached to it that have been laced with a poison so deadly that it will burn the person but won't kill them. Oh no, slow and painful is kitten's style. So he doesn't think twice about it and sucks those berries down. It's only when he starts grabbing his stomach in pain does he realize her actual intent is not to seduce but to kill.


"DING DONG DING DONG, TOUCH ALONG MY DING DONG, THAT WICKED WITCH IS DEAD!" she cries, stabbing him with the knife. She takes care in her rage not to damage the heart which she'll auction off ebay.

His blood is leaking along the red red room floor but something tells kitten a knife is just child's play.


Kitten runs off merrily cause this is evil after all and comes back with a chainsaw.


"OH NO!" she says hacking them off.

By this time he's basically dead but not all the way dead so kitten takes a picture and uploads it. Then she heaves him out the window and into a hole and he's dead.


Jun. 23rd, 2010

Title: And They're Off
Pairing: J2

Summary: Whoever thought the time machine was a good idea, clearly needed to be shot. Oh wait, it was Jared's idea, and now he's about to spend the next 2hrs in hell and all because of Zac Efron.


It starts with Jared bursting into Jensen's room in the middle of the night with a rant about how unfair it is that he can't get a time machine.

So when a very tired Jensen ends up lagging behind him at the airport and Jared see's one, he knows he's in trouble.

"THIS is what I'm talking about Jensen!"

"Huh?" Jensen says with a yawn.

"We need to bring this home"

Jensen just sort of, sways a bit where he's standing, which doesn't have anything to do with the fact that he's drifting off in a state of half sleep, half wake. Jared goes up to the man at the counter of the store, tossing his credit card at him.

"Hwe gttit ome?" Jensen mumbles

"We don't take it home Jensen" Jared says like Jensen's a complete idiot who doesn't know anything about time machines.

"We ride it home!"

Jensen wants to point out how stupid that is, that the time machine isn't even a real fucking time machine and that they need to get on the fucking plane so Jensen can get his ass back to sleep. He doesn't though, just continues to sway till he's falling towards the ground and Jared has to pick him up and drag him inside the thing. Which is how they met Zac Efron.

"What are YOU doing in here!" Jared practically screams, dropping Jensen to the floor like a flour sack.

"Dude chill out, it's a cool time machine. I'm just checking it out"

"Well you've checked it so GET OUT!"

Jensen sticks his arm up lazily and somehow, that activates the time machine.

"FUCK! OH FUCK!" Jared says, pounding on the door.

Zac Efron runs over to try and help him open it.


But it's too late. Next thing they know the time machine is taking off and Zac Efron is stuck in there with them. Jared is not happy about it.

"I'm not happy about this" he says, acting like a 2yr old having a temper tantrum. He even stomps his foot to complete the act.

"Look dude, I don't want to be stuck in here with a raving lunatic like you. So just pop me off somewhere and I'll be on my way"

But Jared doesn't know how to work it.

"I don't know how to work it" he huffs.

Zac Efron lets out a laugh at this.

"Oh wow. What kind of moron buys a time machine they can't even work? So tell me, what exactly were you planning on doing with it then?"

Jared doesn't feel the need to point out that he did it to be alone with Jensen cause fuck if he's going to give Zac Efron the oppurtunity to ruin his plans.

"I don't need to tell you anything"

Jared sticks out his tongue and walks away to a sleeping Jensen.

"Ok then" Zac Efron says with a smile.

An hour later, Jensen has woken up feeling fresh and energized, and very confused.

"The hell are we?"

"Dude your boyfriend or whoever he is decided to get us all trapped on this damn time machine that he can't even work" Zac Efron says while chewing some food he had packed.

"He's not my boyfriend and who are you anyway?"

"I'm Zac Efron. Care for a pickle?"

Jensen shakes his hand and nods a no about the pickle.

"LEAVE HIM ALONE!" Jared yells

"He doesn't need nor want your fucking pickles ok!"

Jensen stares at him.

"He was just offering me a pickle Jared, jesus"

"Yeah right, and I'm just tall"

"But you are tall" Jensen says with more confusion in his voice.

"FINE! You want his pickle so bad you just go ahead and EAT IT AND FORGET ALL ABOUT ME!"

Jared stomps off into another section of the time machine.

"What the fuck is he on?" Zac Efron asks.

Jensen just shrugs cause what the heck? he's never seen Jared act that way.

"Sure you're not hungry? Cause I've got a bunch of stuff in here" Zac Efron says, pointing to his bag.

Jensen comes over to him and peers inside it. He taks out some apple slices and the two of them sit together, eating quietly while Jared is off planning to kill Zac Efron over his pickle offering.

"I'M GONNA KILL YOU!" he screams, charging at Zac Efron. Jensen grabs him from behind and pulls him off Zac Efron, then takes him back to other section and punches him across the face.


Jared starts to say something but then closes his mouth.

"Hey" Jensen says, kneeling in front of him.

"Hey. Jared, what's wrong? You can tell me"

"It's just......"


'It's just that I wanted to be alone with you is all"

"Baby we're alone all the time"

"But not in a time machine! Jensen, I wanted you to travel in time with me so we can see stuff and have it be really exciting"

Jensen chuckles.

"You already make my life exciting"

"I do?"

'Of course you do, when you're not trying to kill Zac Efron"

Jared pushes his body out then and lays a kiss on Jensen.

"So...can we kick him out now?"

"I have no idea" Jensen says with a wave of his hand. Thing is, that's what makes the time machine land.


Jensen looks at his arm and then at the door of the time machine.

"Oh come on"

"Jensen you have magical powers man"

'I do not"

They enter the main part of the time machine and find that Zac Efron is gone, having left them to be alone or just to escape from Jared.

"Fuck it" Jensen says, waving his arm again to shut the door before heaving Jared against the wall and proceeding to have sex with him.






I'm shooting from ratings...so to speak.

Sam and Dean are trapped in a cabin awaiting the evil ghost to come kill them. In the fireplace burns a fiery fire to which Sam and Dean are
having sex to.


The door blasts open. The evil is here.

"PUNCH OUT THE SLASH BABIES! NOW DEAN NOW!" Sam screams and he flings Dean's legs apart and holds them them down so Dean can push properly.


Dean's fingers curl into the sheets as he arches back, his head bouncing on the pillow like a frickin ball as sweat drips down on his body. He cries out in pain and Sam digs his hand into his hold to pull the babies out.


One by one Sam pulls out the babies, the rest of them dropping to the floor.

"ARM THEM WITH ROCK SALT!" Dean screams.

The evil is getting closer, it flings Sam to the wall and leaves him unconcious.

"FUCK ME!" Dean says.

The babies are left on their own and they crawl to get the rocks salt in their guns.

"WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" they cry, picking up the guns and shooting the whammy down on the evil
ghost, destroying it.

In the meantime, Sam has awoken, he see's his sexy sexy lover Dean on the bed who can't get up and he jumps on top of them and they
have sex while the babies defeat the ghost and kill it's insides and set it on fire and then shoot it again and it dies and Sam and Dean have
really hot intensive orgasms and are very very proud of their babies!

This one's for Luke and Noah and the scene which I will always remember, the bed jump. lol
And also for my FB friend Em, who will probably kill me.




Things had been on the rocky side since Noah got his sight back. Luke had told him about the kiss with Reid and for awhile, it seemed that he and Noah would never get together again.

"Noah, you have to believe me. I don't want to be Reid and I don't want to become an urban cowboy"

But Noah still had doubts about Luke and their love, and so he spent the next month and half figuring out what he really wanted. It always came down to one thing. Luke.

"Luke you're the best thing that ever happened to me. We've been though so much. I can't  blame you for that kiss with Reid after the horrible ways I've treated you. I just want you back"

"That's what I want to Noah"

They spent the rest of that day being together.

One day, as Noah looked over at Luke sleeping beside him, he knew that he never wanted to spend another minute without having him for a husband. He went to this small little vintage store and found  a beautiful silver ring with 2 diamonds on the top to represent the both of them and their love. On the inside he had inscribed the following: Jump with me always.

That night, he took Luke down by the lake where he had an airbed set up with pillows all around it.

"You did all this for me?" Luke asked

"Why wouldn't I? Luke you're amazing. You're the one person I've ever wanted to be with. I know we've had our problems but I don't care about any of that. All I want, is you"

They kissed and when they pulle apart, Noah held up the box with the wedding ring in it.

"Luke, will you marry me?"

Luke started to cry, he never thought this day would come.


He stuck his hand out towards Noah but then...

"There's something else. I don't just want to marry you, I want to marry you tonight. Right here in our spot"

He turned around and Luke saw to his astonishment, that his family and the priest were headed right towards them, and they were all dressed up nice to, each one carrying a lit candle.

"Oh my god. Noah...."

Noah kissed him again.

The Priest began to talk.

"The gift of love is a very precious thing. It's what will guide you in the dark times, and bring you closer in the good. Luke and Noah have been blessed to find this gift within their hearts. And today, we celebrate that love. We wish them all the joys of happiness for the remaining days of their lives. If there is anyone, who does not wish them wed, speak now, or forever hold your peace"

Of course no one talked.

"Luke, I never thought I'd meet anyone like you. From the day we met, as hard as I tried to deny it, I couldn't stop myself from loving you. It's been hard along the way, and there were times when I thought we wouldn't come to this moment. But you never gave up on me, not once in all this time. I love you, I'm so in love with you that I can't stop"

It was Luke's turn to speak.

"Noah before I met you, I thought I'd be alone for the rest of my life. Then you walked in an suddenly, everything I thought turned out to be wrong. Because I had you. What we are together is everything to me. The problems we had....they were worth it, every single one, because they all led us here, to this moment. I love you Noah, I'm gonna love you for always"

They were pronounced man and man-wife and left alone to dance and be together.

"I'm so happy right now Luke"

"Me to"

They continued to dance in the moonlight, under the stars, and Noah took him by the hand, guiding him to the bed.

"What do you say for old times sake?"

They ran over to the pumped up bed an began to jump, screaming cries of laughter and happiness and joy rang out to the heavens as they jumped and jumped, holding on to eachother. They would jump on their bed on every wedding anniversay they had till the day they died. And it would be a great life together. Because nothing and no one would ever come between them again.

"I love you Luke" Noah said as he jumped higher

"I love you Noah" Luke said and he held on to Noah tighter.

They jumped on for awhile longer, then crashed into each other's arms and made love until morning.



Rated: PG-13
No Pairings
A/N- If you've ever had the 'pleasure' of dealing with a bed skirt, you can appreciate this. Because those things NEED to be destroyed.

Sam was bored and he didn't feel right.

And when this happens, sometimes the smallest, most insignificant things, start to piss you off.

Like the bedskirts.

Sam had never noticed them before until now and something about them just.......

Pissed him off.

He stood up from the chair he'd just spend 2hrs spinning around in and bent down to look at them.

"They're not right"  he said to no one.

Sam couldn't put his finger on why though which only served to frusterate him more. So he tried to move the ends down further and when that didn't work he tried to pull it straight.

When that didn't work cause the damn bedskirt DIDN'T GO STRAIGHT to begin with, he started to curse at it. Which led to flashed of Dean which he really didn't want to have and was all Dean's fault anyway because Dean wasn't there when he was supposed to have been.

Sam decided it was uneven on one side but when he went to fix it, the sheets would get stuck. After the constant battle of pull skirt down and push sheet in and lift bed up in the process got to be too much, he heaved the mattress offf the bed and yanked the bedskirt from the boxspring.

Which is when he got tangled in the thing.

"FUCK!" he shouted, trying to escape. It caused him to fall and hit his head on the wall and trip over his too long legs till he spun out and crashed into the wood table, landing on the floor.


Sam's turning and twisting were starting to cut off his oxygen and finally, FINALLY! he got out.

"This needs to die" he said, in a very calm tone of an insane person.

As he walked to the back of the hotel, he passed by the laundry room and saw a huge bin full of the evil creatures.

He decided to steal it.

Once he snuck away with the thing...

"Houskeepers will thank my ass!"

He wheeled it out back to the center of the long field and proceeded to light it on fire.

"Bitch!" he spat at them before walking back to the hotel room where Dean stood gazing around in bewilderment.

"Sammy? What the hell happened to our room?"

"I killed the bedskirt" was all Sam said, plopping himself onto the mattress which would say on the floor the rest of the night.

"Since this was all YOUR fault Dean, you can have the boxsprings. Cause I'm taking the other mattress"

Dean looked over at his own bed.

"But I don't have a bed...what do you call it, on my bed"


Sam kicked off Dean's mattress and laid it on top of the other one.

"Wake me later k" he said, and felt asleep.

Dean just stood there, not quite knowing what the heck he was supposed to be doing. And he was bored.


Apr. 15th, 2010

Title: Taste My Tomatoe
Pairing: Toby/Kevin
Rated: NC-17

*Dedicated to my friend Jennifer who was kind enough to lend me 6 flamethrowers in order to kill off characters from As The World Turns*

Toby struts into the hot mist. He lets the water cascade down his body, feeling the heat spread along his inner thighs. He wishes Kevin was with him to do something about that. He takes his sensual sponge off the water handle and squeezes out some of his lemon lavender gel down onto it, proceeding to spread it along the length of his body. The smell hits his nostrils and he feels a sense of calming lust take over his mind, letting the images of sex drown out the fact that his lover isn't sharing the same experience.


Toby keeps his eyes closed, imagining the voice coming closer to him.


"I want you to suck my tomatoeTtoby"

Toby opens his eyes, spinning around to face Kevin, standing buck freakin naked in front of him, the mist from the shower mingling with the sweat on his body as he hold a plump,round tomatoe in his hand, temping Toby to take a bite of it.

Toby pulls Kevin's body flush against his, then lowers his mouth to the tomatoe and takes a bit of it, allowing the juice to stick to the sides of his mouth. He doesn't swallow but instead, yanks Kevin's head back,placing and orgasmic kiss to his lips while sharing the taste of the ripe fruit. Kevin grins into the kiss, moaning his appreciation.

He takes the tomatoe back from Toby and dips his fingers into the mush.

"Suck it" he says, placing his coated fingers in front of Toby's mouth.

Toby does so.

Kevin flings him up against the shower wall, pushing his hardened cock into his steaming lovers as he slow rides him, his fingers still being sucked into the heated hollow of Toby's mouth.

"That's it baby, take them down hard"

Toby pushes Kevin off him, sinking to the floor, taking Kevin's member into his mouth, his nails digging into his hips as Kevin thrusts in and out, pulling and tangling himself into Toby's wet hair.

"Ggggggggggggggguuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhllllllllllllahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" comes out of Kevins mouth as he comes with the force of a flamethrower into Toby's mouth. He's then spun to the other side as Toby takes the tomatoe, places it on his dick and rams it into Kevin's ass.

"You like that? huh? I know you do"

"Yes. Yes, Farm my ass baby, plant the fruit!" he screams outload.

Toby rams him harder, the mesh of their bodies fusing with the sound of the water is overpowering to the senses as Toby grips Kevin's wrists and pins them to the wall. He leans down to his ear, rimming it with his tongue.

"Take it baby take it" he whispers, and it's Kevin's undoing.

His legs give out and they fall to the floor,panting from the pleasure of their fucking. Once they've calmed themselves, Kevin rolls over on top of his hot muffin and kisses every bit of skin he can reach, working his way down. Toby lets his head fall back as his slit is stroked repeated while his hole is raped by Kevin and then he's arching up, flaming the fire higher and higher.

But no, Kevin is not done, and by the end of the night, they'll be dead.

From sex.



Apr. 10th, 2010

"Is this really what you want?"

Jensen didn't answer him.

"What's wrong with you Jensen? That you'd rather be some pretty little plaything, caught up in a relationship you don't even want while I'm standing here right in front of you, wanting to love you"

He grabbed onto Jensen's jaw and turned his face up to meet his eyes.

"I love you. But I guess it's not enough is it?"

He turned and walked out the door, leaving Jensen inside the building. It only took a second for him to come running out and into Jensen's arms.

-The End

SD/ZE Crossover

Rating: PG-13
Characters: Sam,Zac Efron, Mentions of Dean
{Minor mentions of wincest}

**  As Sam look into the trash bin, he finally understands what Dean felt when Sam choose Ruby over him and walked out, leaving Dean lying in pain on the floor. This time is different. Back then, Sam honestly believed that he was doing the right thing, that the cost of his decisions could be fixed. He also knew how much he wanted to hurt Dean and that scared him. It was like throwing it in his face that he meant nothing in comparison to a demon and his own power trip at getting some twisted form of respect that he never received from Dad or Dean when he was younger. When he watched Dean toss the necklace away like trash however, all hope is lost. He can't help himself, he can't save anyone else and worst of all, he can't take away Dean's anguish.

"There's still a chance Sammy. If you say yes"

Sam doesn't even startle at the voice that appeared from nowhere, he doesn't care. All he wants to is run after Dean and make it ok but he can't. So instead, he starts talking back.


"He won't forgive you"


"So why even try? You already know what your future holds....unless..."

Sam turns around, eyes meeting the yellow ones set into the young face.

"I won't go down that road again"

"Because you think you've learned something is that it?" the demon chuckles

"I've learned that the cost isn't worth it. Not after this"

"And yet, how much it was worth the cost before"

"That was different"

"It wasn't. You  needed it Sam, like an obsessor needs it's victim. So much so that you put your own needs above the one person who meant anything to you. And how were rewarded for the path of destiny that was made for you? By having him toss you away. You can't tell me it doesn't hurt. Doesn't bury itself so deep in your heart that you feel ok with the notion of killing him just to set him free. Then again, you already have. How silly of me to forget"

"I love him"

"Not enough. He doesn't trust you, he doesn't want you. He didn't share your desire either as a matter of fact. But I can change that. Actually, if you say yes to me, I can change anything you ask of me"


"Good boy. I know a spell. It's sounds so harry potter but this one, is one you're gonna want to use. If you say it right, put your blood into it, you can make all Dean's troubles go away. Imagine it, Dean growing up with both his parents, having his own shot at normal, his own shot at love. I bet it'd be much better than daddy's I can say that right now. You could poof this whole apocolypse thing away with one little, teeny tiny spell"

"Except he won't have me will he?"

"There's always a price Sam. Isn't it worth it? Of course I doubt Zach will happy about the end of his plan but you can't please them all can you"

Sam didn't cry. And he'd be lying if he wasn't thinking about how much better it would be for Dean. All it would cost was himself and isn't that happening now? Dean hated him. Sam knew that. He didn't even blame him for it really"

"What will happen to me if I listen to you?"

"You mean will you become a flaming host of destruction? No. You'll just, cease to be. OR, if you really want him, you can just, poof yourself back as someone new. At least then you wouldn't have the oh so depressive moments of waking up knowing you raked the seeds of family in the passionate hours of night. Because I think it's pretty realistic Dean will never treat you as anything more than a person to use for  his own release"

"He wouldn't do that"

"Wouldn't he?"

"I could come back. As someone else. Someone other than.....this"


"What are you?" 

"Around here they call me Zac"

Images flashed themselves past Sam as he recognized the name for what it was.

"Efron. You're Zac Efron. I've heard of you. You're an aazreith. Mind Spinner"

Zac laughed in a tone which made the hairs on Sam's neck stand straight.

"Pity they couldn't have given me a more suitable name instead of one so humorous"

"Pity they couldn't kill you"

"Ah Sam, I'd be careful the things you say to me"

"I have my answer"

Zac perked up.


"No. It will ALWAYS be no. Not now, not ever"

"You're making a mistake Sam. Think of what's in store for you if you don't . Can you live with yourself for what Dean suffers from such a selfish choice"

"He'll suffer. But I'll tell you, I'm in love with him, and I'd take him bruised,angry and full of hope loss over any other version of him because our life together is exactly the way it should be, come what may"

"Tut tut Sammy, it's not the time for speeches"

"He doesn't see it yet.  But he will, and if you come near me again I swear to god I will destroy you"

For a brief second, Zac could've sworn Sam's eyes turned a dark shade of black with a hint of red around them, something he knew better than to mess with.

"Last chance Sam"


Zac was gone. Sam was alone. So he thought.



He had come back. Dean came back.

"I uh....yeah"

Dean walked over to him.


"I couldn't do that to you. I want you to be happy, I do, so badly, but not this way Dean. I couldn't do that. You mean too much"

Dean cupped his face gently.

"No I meant...why didn't you ever tell me how much you loved me?"

Sam drew him in an embrace and held him there.

"We've been through so much Dean. You're giving up, I don't know what to do, I don't even know if you want me to......"

Dean kissed him.

"I want you"

Sam smiled but it was a half smile.

"Where do we go from here Dean?"

Dean took his necklace back from where it sat in Sam's hand and put it around his neck.

"I don't know. But whatever happens, we'll do it together"

Idea by myself and honeyrose

A few weeks ago, Eric had decided that the best way to bring in more fans was to have some of them come in and write a special episode for them to film. He didn't really consider what those idea's might be.

"Why did we agree to this?" Jensen asked.

"Because they're your fans and they support you. You're doing it"

They set up the scene in which Sam and Dean were supposed to be in bar when a demon crashes through the side.

"Jensen, I just want you to know that this is in no way a reflection of my personal feelings for you" Jared says as he takes his position.


They're at the bar. Dean like usual is trying to pick up a hot chick and like usual, Sam is getting jealous but won't actually admit anything because supernatural just doesn't cater to those types of ideas. When it's his cue, Jared walks over to stand beside Jensen and starts giving out the attitude.

"Fuck Dean, can't you just for once in your life  not flirt around with every girl in sight? We have an apocalypse going on for christ's sake!"

"All the more reason to play before we die Sammy"

Dean turns back to the girl who is too dumb to get that Sam's in love with Dean and too stupid to walk away from a man who's so clearly ignoring her.

"So what do you say we go back to your place and I'll bake ya a little muffin?"

The girl, being dumb and only on the show for a possible sex scene, giggles sweetly and accepts his offer. Which is when Sam finally looses it and punches her out.

"What the hell dude?"

"Dean, we've been on the road together for 5 years. I'm fed up with your constant one night stands. I'm in love with you. In fact I'm so in love with  you that  I want you to this for me."

Sam reaches over the bar and pulls out a corn cob.

"Dean, I want you to butter my corn"

Which is when the demon crashes the side of the buiding. Dean whips out a gun {where he's been hiding it is anyone's guess as he's wearing his sexy skin tight sparkle jeans} and sets to aim.

"BLAST IT!" Sam screams at him

Dean is about to but suddenly gets confused.



Dean fires at the demon and it's vanquished in a stream of smoke.

The final scene shows Dean in the shower scrubbing off his arms and stomach since that's the only thing the network will allow to show when it comes to nudity. Sam is sitting on the bed in classic ponder mode, taking glaces at the bathroom door. He stands up and went next we see him, he's clad only in a towel and he's walking into the bathroom. Dean turns to him and is startled but not really that surprised.

"What are you doing here?"

Sam slips the towel off, climbs in and looks at him.

"I want you to butter my corn"

They stand there staring for a few minutes, lean it to kiss and just when their lips are about to touch, the scene is done and the show is over.

"Alright boys! excellent job!" Kripke says, giving them a pat on the back.

As soon as the set is clear, Jared moves to head back to the costume trailer when Jensen stops him.


"Huh? What the heck are you talking about?"

"I um....that scene, when you held the corn...I really want to try that out with you. Please put your erom on me"

Jared smiles and they finally FINALLY have their first kiss.